Home Bible Study

FREE – at your convenience

A large beautiful Family Bible is given free with these lessons.
Would you and your family like a better understanding of your Bible? If so you can become a part of our wonderful Bible classes. We teach (10) one hour lessons over a period of weeks in your home. These lessons have illustrated charts to make them easy to understand. These studies will give you an overall view of the entire Bible. You will then be able to discuss the Bible with others and besides that you will find the peace and joy that comes from understanding this wonderful book. Our goal is to teach the Word of God and God ’s glorious truths. If you would like, we will give you a one hour trial lesson, then if you want to continue, wonderful. If not, we still will have gained a friend. It might be that you do not want a complete study at this time but have one or two questions about the Bible you would like us to answer for you. Please call 619-222-1224 for more information, or to set up an appointment for your free trial lesson. And may God Richly Bless you Always!