We believe the reason there is so much trouble among our young people today is because most of them have never been taught the word of God. We believe children that have the precious truth of God instilled in their hearts will enter adult life better prepared for the responsibility they will be faced with. Citizenship and their married lives will take on a whole new meaning. Our teachers that will be teaching your children have spent years studying the Bible and have been taught by Bible Scholars. Your children will be taught the pure word of God! One of our teachers is Julie McNearny. She has been serving the Lord since 1980. She will teach your children Pure Bible! She was in her home Church for about 15 years before she married Elder McNearny. She has been in our Church since 1994, and has taught our Sunday School class. She loves teaching the Bible to children and she wants what’s best for them. If you want your children to learn the Bible, Julie McNearny will be glad to teach them.